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Coordination and implementation of future research topics with joint funding

Based on the identified and prioritised research topics, specific research projects in organic food and farming will be initiated and coordinated. It is the goal to establish a pool of 3 million € per year for funding of Transnational research by the end of the CORE Organic project.

As organic farming is a fairly new research field with small national research communities, especially on specific fields, there is a special need for gathering the critical mass in research in organic farming. It is generally agreed by the CORE Organic partners, and the countries interested in joining the project at a later date, that Transnational funding of research in organic food and farming is necessary in the future. This will help ensure the coordination and optimal utilisation of the disperse resources available for research in organic food and farming in each country.

However, at present the CORE Organic participating countries all have different models for funding of research in organic food and farming. In some countries the funding is tied up to specific institutions, and in other countries all funding is open to all of the research community, but here the programmes are fixed and running over several years. Therefore it will take time to introduce and establish Transnational research projects. To solve this problem, it is necessary to operate with several funding models. In CORE Organic several models will be developed and evaluated. At least one model will be tested. This model should include at least 3 countries wishing to create a joint funding collaboration. Each of these countries will set aside an amount of money for Transnational collaboration, and in this model, only participants contributing to the particular pool will be eligible to direct the research funded by that pool, and each country will only pay money to their own researchers participating in the selected projects.

Other and perhaps later models could include funding of projects more directly from a shared pool of money not constrained by funding from own country.

The goal of this WP is based on the fact, that in total, the CORE Organic countries put app. 60 million € into research in organic food and farming per year

By aiming at 5 % of the annual total average input into organic research , we will be coordinating and funding at least 3 million € per year by the end of the project.

The following activities will be carried out:

  • Agreement on a range of procedures for Transnational funding

  • Creation of joint funding collaboration with a pool of at least 3 million € per year

  • Final report including evaluation of the chosen funding procedures and call models for joint funding collaboration

Workpackage 7


To initiate and coordinate Transnational research programmes in future topics within organic food and farming, and to fund Transnational research projects from a pool of at least 3 million € per year by the end of the CORE Organic project.

Time schedule

Agreement on funding procedure and call model for first joint funding collaboration

Initiation of projects from first joint funding

Final report including intermediate evaluation of chosen projects


Ulrika Geber, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SE)

Anita Silmbrod, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (AT)

Coordination of European Transnational Research in Organic Food and Farming