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What is in the library

The intension of the library is to form an archive for CORE Organic products and activities. Furthermore, it is the intension to provide access to information related to research in organic food and farming, including overviews of electronic archives, databases, and other web products, together with conferences, workshops and current activities. This include:

National research programmes, projects and facilities
Increased transnational cooperation and coordination within research on organic food and farming requires information on ongoing activities in the individual countries. Via CORE Organic information on research projects, programmes and facilities in partner countries are mad available.

European research projects in organic food and farming
The European Union has financed research projects, which implicate organic food and farming. We have listed the main projects.

European networks
A lot of cooperation across borders takes place in various networks. Some networks are carried out in a European context; others in bilateral collaboration and some are established under the auspice of private organizations. You are welcome to register your network.

CORE Organic news
Besides outcome and activities in the CORE Organic project, the newsletter informs about national and European research activities. Subscription is free.

CORE publications
Reports and publications from CORE Organic can be found at this page or via the open access archive, Organic Eprints.

Seminars, workshops, etc
Seminars, congresses, workshops and other events related to research in organic food and farming

Press releases
When activities with interest to the organic research community or the general public are conducted, press releases will be put out.

All publications deriving from the CORE Organic project will be uploaded to the international open access archive for papers related to research in organic agriculture, Organic Eprint.

The internet portal Organic Europe contains reports on organic farming in 25 European countries, addresses on organic organisations and institutes all over Europe and document of the EU

One of the objectives of the EU supported research programme Organic Revision is to make a public web-based database "Organic Rules" of differences between the major organic standards of Europe and other relevant standards in relation to EEC Reg. 2092/91.

Coordination of European Transnational Research in Organic Food and Farming