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Coordination & integration of knowledge

Many European countries have initiated research in organic food and farming on both the national and regional level during the last decade. The research topics have been identified from the national or regional needs. It is most likely that there are several countries having the same problems and at EU-level there is overlapping research topics. Some countries have excellent research facilities and some have less good facilities.

Transnational R&D could in many cases develop synergy and complementarities so that all involved could benefit in knowledge, experience and money. Areas, where these synergies are substantial, will be identified and described in depth. Examples for fields/topics for joint activities are:

  • Problems, which need a variety of soil types and climatic conditions (e.g. long-term crop experiments)

  • Research areas where there seems to exist a special need to gather specialised expertise and/or very high cost connected to the research (e.g. animal research facilities)

  • Problems, which occur in several countries but not necessarily EU-wide (e.g. copper replacement in vine growing, selenium poor soils in North)

Common research facilities of high quality provide an opportunity for conducting different projects simultaneously using the same research fields, herds, etc. fulfilling the demands of research of organic food and farming. This allows close cooperation between different research environments, with a high degree of interdisciplinary collaboration, synergy, and complementary research. This diminishes the costs of research, because it is not necessary to have all these facilities in each country.

Work in the area will include

Analysis of gaps and overlaps in research topics and a prioritised list of research facilities including the development of new opportunities for future cooperation

A report on improved use of research facilities and topics relevant for integration, and training schemes

A workshop presenting the results of coordination of research areas, suggestions for improved use of research facilities and topics relevant for integration, and a scheme for training of research personnel and exchange of experts

Workpackage 4


To ensure that all well-known research areas of organic food and farming are coordinated, so there is maximum exchange of research results and sharing of research facilities, including exchange of experts.

To identify research areas where an increased cooperation between national or regional programmes could bring major synergies and progress.

Time schedule & deliverables

Analysis of gaps and overlaps in research activities as well as evaluation research facilities

> Report on facilities (PDF)
> Report on topics (PDF)

Workshop and report on improved use of research facilities and topics relevant for integration, and training schemes


Arja Nykänen, MTT Agrifood Research Finland (FI)

Stefano Canali, Experimental Institute for Plant Nutrition (IT)

Coordination of European Transnational Research in Organic Food and Farming