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Project coordination
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Project coordination

The CORE Organic project management consist of a Governing Board representing the national research programmes, a Management Board representing the technical workgroups in the project, and the project coordinator and the assistant staff.

Project coordinator

The responsibilities of the project coordinator is:

  • Coordination at consortium level of the activities of the project
  • The overall legal, contractual, financial and administrative management of the consortium
  • Communication with the Commission
  • Preparing, updating and managing the consortium agreement between the participants
  • Preparation of meetings and follow up on decisions taken by the Governing Board
  • Preparation and chairing of meetings and ensure follow up on decisions taken by the Management Board
  • Communication with stakeholders, including new countries

Governing Board

The Governing Board includes the project coordinator and a leading person representing the funding body for national research programmes (e.g. a Ministry) from each participating country.

The Governing Board has responsibility for:

  • Evaluation and approval of results and progress in the project
  • Approval of reallocation of resources or re-delegation of work within the project.
  • Approval of procedures for transnational funding of joint research programme
  • Communication with stakeholders and integration of opinions from these
  • Communication with and approval of new participant countries in CORE Organic

Management Board

Furthermore, CORE Organic has a Management Board with representatives from the main technical working group. The Management Board is to meet once a year in order to discuss the progress in the WP’s and to make decisions on how to fulfil the plans. The coordinator chair these meetings.

Workpackage 1

The objective of the workpackage is to coordinate CORE organic in accordance with the overall objectives of project.

Time schedule

Joint European Conference on organic Food and Farming

Workshop/seminar for stakeholders

Meetings in Governing Board

Meetings in Management Board


Erik Steen Kristensen, DARCOF (project coordinator)

Lizzie Melby Jespersen, (project administrator)

Coordination of European Transnational Research in Organic Food and Farming