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CORE Organic will establish a number of electronic tools in order to map and analyse research activities, programmes and other activities. The main objectives are:

Web portal on research in organic food and farming

In order to provide an overview of general conditions and overall structure of organic research in the individual partner countries a "web portal" will be established..

Searchable information on research programmes, projects and facilities

Increased transnational cooperation and coordination within research on organic food and farming requires information on ongoing activities in the individual countries.

In CORE Organic information on research projects, programmes and facilities in the individual partner countries will be collected and stored in a searchable database.

European research projects in organic food and farming

Within the last years the European Union has financed a growing number of research projects, which implicate organic food and farming. We have listed the projects.

Improvement of dissemination and impact of research findings

Increased transnational cooperation implies a significant potential for use of research across the borders. However, a precondition is access to research publications.

One of the ambitions of CORE Organic is to support the use of open access archive as a tool for facilitating the communication of research papers.

Formal and informal networks

A lot of cooperation across borders takes place in various networks. Some networks are carried out in a European context; others in bilateral collaboration and some are established under the auspice of private organizations.

CORE Organic will be glad to link to networks within research in organic food and farming. You are thus welcome to:

Coordination of European Transnational Research in Organic Food and Farming