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Research networks in organic food and farming

A lot of cooperation across borders takes place in various networks. Some networks are carried out in a European context; others in bilateral collaboration and some are established under the auspice of private organizations.

The International Society of Organic Agriculture Research (ISOFAR) promotes and supports research in all areas of Organic Agriculture by facilitating global co-operation in research, methodological development, education and knowledge exchange; supporting individual researchers through membership services, publications and events and integrating stakeholders in the research process.

The FQH association encourages, co-ordinates and disseminates research in the field of organic food and health.

The European Consortium for Organic plant breeding (ECO-PB), founded 20th April 2001 in Driebergen (NL), pursues …
  • providing a platform for discussion and exchange of knowledge and experiences.
  • the initiation, support of organic plant breeding Programmes,
  • the development of scientific concepts of an organic Plant Breeding
  • the provision of independent, competent expertise to develop standard setting with respect to organic plant breeding
The main aims of SUSVAR are to ensure stable and acceptable yields of good quality for low-input, especially organic, cereal production in Europe. This will be achieved by developing ways to increase and make use of crop diversity and by establishing methods for selecting varieties, lines and populations with special emphasis on the influence of geno-type-environment interactions. Finally, the network will also establish common appropriate methodology for variety testing.

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