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September 2006

New European research programme to enhance research
in organic food and farming

Eleven European countries are now establishing a joint research programme in organic food and farming. The new programme is the result of cooperation in a so-called ERA-Net, which is a EU supported scheme for enhancing research cooperation among EU member states.

The cooperation in organic food and farming is entitled CORE Organic and its particular objective is to support cooperation between research communities in the participating countries.

In the new research programme, researchers can apply for economic support for research in animal diseases, for research in quality, health and safety of organic food and finally for support for research in innovative marketing strategies.

However, in order to strengthen cooperation among research communities in the participating countries, only joint applications from researchers in three or more countries will be considered.

Further information can be found at the CORE Organic website at The call will be open until 1 December 2006.

Editorial notes

The full title of the project is "Coordination of European Transnational Research in Organic Food and Farming". The project acronym is CORE Organic and the project reference is CA-011716-CORE-ORGANIC. A project website has been set up at the Internet address:

The project duration is 36 months starting from 1 October 2004. The project is funded by the ERA-NET Scheme with €1,2 million. Further information about the ERA-NET Scheme can be found at

Further information on the project and the mentioned transnational research programme can be obtained from the national partner (please see or the project coordinator:

Dr Erik Steen Kristensen

Danish Research Centre for Organic Food and Farming (DARCOF)

Research Centre Foulum, DK-8830 Tjele

Phone: +45 8999 1675, fax: +45 8999 1673



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Coordination of European Transnational Research in Organic Food and Farming