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Final Scientific Report

Overview of national research (WP 3)

Research facilities and topics (WP 4)

Analysis of facilities in OFF research in participating countries of CORE Organic

Analysis of organic food and farming research topics in CORE Organic partner countries

Improved use of research facilities and topics

Research evaluation (WP 5)

Sharing and developing best practice for evaluation of research in organic food and farming

Terms of reference and checklists for improvement of evaluation procedures

Future reseach topics (WP 6)

Prioritisation and coordination of new research topics

Implementation of future research with joint funding (WP 7)

Evaluation of joint funding procedures and collaboration

Introduction to CORE Organic

A leaflet introducing the back ground for CORE Organic, together with project objectives, work packages, partners etc.

Related publications

Report on improvement of transnational cooperation

At the second seminar on "Organic food and farming research in Europe" held by DG Research a consolidated report on "How to improve trans-national cooperation" (PDF) was presented.

Organic Eprint is the international open access archive for papers related to research in organic agriculture.

The main objective of Organic Eprints is to facilitate the communication of research papers and proposals, to improve the dissemination and impact of research findings, and to document the research effort. In accordance with these objectives the archive is designed to facilitate international use and cooperation.

The archive was established in 2002 as an online community service by the Danish Research Centre for Organic Food and Farming (DARCOF).

Since 2003 the archive has been run in cooperation between DARCOF, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and the German Programme for Organic Farming (BÖL).

Under the auspices of CORE Organic the archive has been extended to function as the organic research archive for all partner countries.

Coordination of European Transnational Research in Organic Food and Farming