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Research programmes, projects and facilities

During the last decade several national research programmes and projects in organic farming have emerged. There is already a lot of scattered information available, however the programmes are often very different, which makes it difficult to compare or utilize information on a wider scale. This hinders the achievement of a critical mass necessary for technical advancements and break-through.

There is thus a need for systematic collection and storage of information for common, which can provide the starting point for a deeper analysis of gaps and overlaps in the current activities from which ideas for potential future cooperation can be developed.

On this basis, a common open source project database has been established in order to systematically store data on programmes, projects and facilities in each participating country.

Web portal

In CORE Organic a web portal has been established with the objective to provide overviews of structure and content of research in CORE Organic partner countries.

This include overviews of programmes, financing, ways of initiating and coordinating research etc.

Coordination of European Transnational Research in Organic Food and Farming