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June 2005

European newsletter to stimulate collaboration
in organic food and farming research

What are latest organic farming research publications in Switzerland, Germany and Denmark? What are the trends in organic farming research in the Netherlands? Which organic research projects are taking place in Italy, Finland and France? How are organic farming research contributing to the environmental discussion in Sweden? How is the structure of the Austrian organic research programme? Which institutes are working with organic research in Norway? What are the research priorities in Great Brittan? Which organic research events will take place in the coming year?

These are questions that the new electronic newsletter CORE Organic news will deal with. The newsletter is published by CORE Organic, which is a European coordination project in the so-called ERA-NET scheme.

The ambition of CORE Organic is to develop synergy between national activities within research in organic agriculture and to secure better access to research results.

The rationale for the project is that in order to promote a more sustainable agriculture many European countries has initiated research in organic food and farming. However, in many cases the national research is characterised by small research communities, which can make it difficult to tackle the most comprehensive issues in the area.

Increased transnational collaboration and coordination between national research programmes is seen as way to improve the competitive quality and relevance of the overall research. In this connection transparency and information are essential ingredients.

The ambition of the new electronic newsletter is thus to provide information, both on the national and European research activities and on the joint coordination activities in the CORE Organic project.

CORE Organic news can be found via the project website

Further information

Further information can be obtained from the editor:

Claus Bo Andreasen

Danish Research Centre for Organic Food and Farming (

Foulum. P.O. Box 50. DK-8830 Tjele

Phone: +45 8999 1035

Fax: +45 8999 1673


When events with interest to the organic research community or the general public are held, press releases will be put out.

If you are a media and if you have not received press releases from the CORE Organic project, please contact the Webmaster.

Coordination of European Transnational Research in Organic Food and Farming