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Mapping of research & facilities

During the last decade a number of national research programmes and projects in organic farming have emerged. There is already a lot of scattered information available, however the programmes are often very different, which makes it difficult to compare or utilize information on a wider scale. This hinders the achievement of a critical mass necessary for technical advancements and break-through.

There is thus a need for systematic collection and storage of information for common, which can provide the starting point for a deeper analysis of gaps and overlaps in the current activities from which ideas for potential future cooperation can be developed.

The work will include:

Establishment of common open source database

A common open source project database will be established in order to systematically store data on programmes, projects and facilities in each participating country. Criteria for defining the kind of research projects to be included in the databases will be established. Links to existing national databases and internet portals will by made and the user interface will allow national and continuously updating.

Mapping and description of existing research programmes, projects and facilities

First step in this task is to collect, check, and storage all relevant information in the common database. In addition to field-tested enquiries a fruitful source to get current and consistent information is the analysis and interpretation of project presentations held on scientific symposiums and conferences within organic farming.

This work will be followed by analysis and description of present programmes, projects, facilities, and models for conducting organic farming research.

Workshop for all participants and other interested parties

A workshop for presentation of results will be arranged, when the tasks are concluded. The participants are project participants and other interested parties, such as decision makers, managers and senior staff involved in research programmes within organic farming.

Workpackage 3


The objectives are to establish a common European project database and to map existing research programmes, projects and facilities within organic farming in participating states.

Time schedule

Prototype of common project database running

An intermediate report on the major research programmes and the relevant research facilities in each participating state

All participating states have stored their data concerning projects and research facilities in project database

Workshop and final report on the current situation concerning research programmes and facilities in the participating states


Stefan Lange, Federal Office for Agriculture and Food (D)

Arja Nykänen MTT Agrifood Research Finland (FI)

Coordination of European Transnational Research in Organic Food and Farming