No. 3 · May 2006

Research evaluation

Sharing and developing best practices

Work package 5 of the CORE Organic project aims at providing insight into priority setting, funding and evaluation of organic farming research. In November 2005 a questionnaire on these issues was send to CORE Organic partners.

The results have now been summarized.

CORE Organic workshop

Cooperation in transnational research

At the upcoming CORE Organic workshop research topics for a coming transnational call will be presented, and research questions regarding the preparation of proposals to the call will be discussed.

Ways for better coordination and improved use of research facilities will be discussed.

Notes & correspondences

On current events and activities

Initiation of a European Consortium for Organic Animal Breeding, a ISOFAR workshop on the feasibility of energy reliance in organic farming, a FQH workshop on " better understanding of organic food quality", and more.

Joint Organic Congress

Congress proceedings are available on-line

More than a thousand people from 45 different countries have now registered for the joint organic congress, taking place in Odense, Denmark 30 - 31 May 2006. During the congress about 275 papers will be presented at about 45 sessions. All submitted papers are already available at the open access archive Organic Eprints.

> More about the congress
> Congress website
> Congress proceedings

Around Europe

An overview of current topics in partner countries

New research will focus on food quality, environment and conditions of third-world farmers

New perspectives in the coordination of French research in organic food and farming

16 project proposals following a call for research in organic production and distribution

Open space technique to include stakeholder in research priority setting process

Visit the research projects

Exhibit at the joint organic congress

Many of the EU supported research projects are having a joint exhibit at the European Organic Congress in Odense.

EU research

News from EU research projects

Towards a European framework for organic market information

Recommendations for the revision of the Council regulation on organic production