No. 3 · May 2006

Research evaluation

Sharing and developing best practice for evaluation of research in organic food and farming

Joint Organic Congress

275 congress proceedings are now available on-line at Organic Eprints

CORE Organic workshop

How to increase cooperation in transnational research in organic food and farming?

EU research

News from EU research projects in organic food and farming

Notes & correspondences

Current events and activities related to transnational research cooperation

Around Europe

An overview of current topics in partner countries


Joint Organic Congress

More than a thousand participants have now registered for the Joint Organic Congress. About 500 participants are from Denmark and about 500 from the EU and abroad. All together 45 countries will be represented at the congress.

In addition to plenary meetings, poster sessions and exhibitions, the participants will have to choose in which of the 44 English language sessions and 35 Danish language sessions they will participate.

All together, the proceedings include app. 280 English language papers and 90 Danish language papers.

Congress proceedings are now available on-line at Organic Eprints

All English language presentations for the congress have been stored in the Organic Eprints international open access archive. At this related website you can extract title, authors, abstract and presentation type to get an overview of the papers presented at the congress.

For all papers it is possible to get a summary page, and for most papers it is possible to get the full text version. In some cases you will have to register yourself as a user of Organic Eprints in order to get full access, in a few cases the author has not permitted public access to the paper. However, you are always welcome to write to the author to enquire about the paper.

Visit the EU research projects

The congress will include an exhibition on technology, processing etc in organic food and farming.

One of the exhibits will embrace the EU supported research projects participating in congress. Each project will display a poster and a free leaflet, and for many of the projects it possible to get reports or reprints.

Representatives from the projects will be present at the congress.

See the participating projects

Further information

See the congress website

See the proceedings submitted for the congress