No. 4 · July 2006


Joint call

Preannouncement of first transnational call for organic food and farming

CORE Organic workshop

How to increase cooperation in transnational Organic Food and Farming research?

Book release

European research in Organic Food and Farming

Joint Organic Congress

Discussing European research issues

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An overview of current topics in partner countries

EU research

News from EU research activities

Notes & correspondences

On current events and activities


Book release

European research in Organic Food and Farming

Reports on organisation and conduction of research programmes in 11 European countries

A new book issued by the German Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE) presents reports on the organization and conduction of research programmes in eleven European countries involved in CORE Organic.

The book contains summaries of country reports, which developed as comprehensive by-products to the mapping of existing information about programmes, institutions, projects and facilities within the field of Organic Food & Farming research in the CORE Organic partner countries.

All the country reports follow a standardised structure starting with the history of organic farming research. Then the organisational structure or research set up is explained followed by financial details about the different research programmes existing in organic food and farming.

Furthermore the country reports give an overview about existing national research facilities and describe the national procedures for initiation of research and stakeholder engagement, selection criteria and evaluation procedures on project level.

The reports end with the explanation about utilisation of research findings and national, scientific education and research schools.

Lange, Stefan; Williges, Ute; Saxena, Shilpi and Willer, Helga (2006). European Research in Organic Food and Farming. Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food (BLE), Bonn, Germany.

Printed copies of this volume may be ordered for free via the BLE under the following address (please indicate your complete postal address):

The national contributions to the publication are available at Organic Eprints.