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Preannouncement of joint call

Transnational research programme in organic food and farming

One of the overall objectives of CORE Organic is to enable a better utilisation of research funding by cooperation within prioritised research areas. Based on an identification of possible topics for future research, the eleven CORE Organic partners are now in the process of preparing a joint call for a transnational research programme.

The new research programme will be financed by the individual CORE Organic partners. The partners will thus provide a budget for their respective national research teams, who participate in the call (National funding rules will apply). The national budgets have not yet been finally settled, but the total budget is expected to be of at least three million Euros per year.

The call will be open from 1 September to 1 December 2006. The application procedure including all necessary forms will be available at the Core Organic website at from 1 September.

Three thematic areas in the call

The call is expected to include the following three thematic areas:

  1. Animal disease and parasite management, mainly focusing on preventive health and improving therapies to reduce reliance on antibiotics

  2. Quality of organic food – health and safety

  3. Innovative marketing strategies – identification of successful marketing methods, local markets

Who can apply?

Only project consortia consisting of at least three partners (one main applicant and two or more co-applicants) from three or more different participating countries are invited to apply for funding.

As the aim of CORE Organic project is to enhance European excellence through the support of trans-national collaborations among European partners, there should be a clear demonstration of added value in the proposed partnerships.

The project proposals should deal with specifically targeted questions that better could be answered if research takes place in more than one EU country.

Expected procedure

It is expected that the procedure for applying for the programme will include the following steps:

  1. Project consortia submit a proposal through the coordinating partner

  2. General criteria are checked by the call secretariat at Formas and at the national funding organisations

  3. Proposals are evaluated for specific criteria by an independent expert panel

  4. The panel examines the projects following the defined common criteria and thereafter propose a scientific ranking of the applications, recommended for funding to the CORE Organic Governing Board (of countries participating in the call)

  5. The final ranking decision is taken by the CORE Organic Governing Board (of countries participating in the call), which recommends projects to the national funding bodies

  6. National funding bodies will make the final funding decisions

Further information

The call and accompanying guidelines will appear at by 1 September 2006.