No. 6 · December 2006

Proposals for research

37 proposals for transnational research

The CORE Organic pilot call for transnational research in organic food and farming resulted in 37 proposals adding up to a total value of app. 35 million €. Many proposals comes from consortia with participants from several member countries.

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Evaluation and selection

How are proposals selected for funding?

Nine international recognized experts are now evaluating the research proposals; three experts for each of the three topics mentioned in the pilot call. Following the scientific evaluation, a selection procedure is carried out.

The process is explained in this article

Around Europe

Current topics in partner countries

Several new research projects initiated

National call for research and development projects

Evaluation of organic farming research

Book on organic research 2000 - 2005

Strategy work to strengthen organic markets

National website for Organic Farming

New project on Low-Input Grazing Systems

Activity report from organic research

Notes & correspondences

On current events and activities

In March 2007 the annual congress in the integrated project QualityLowInputFood will be conducted in close cooperation with the 9th scientific congress in German speaking countries.

In February several EU projects conducts workshops at the BioFach 2007 held in Nuremberg, Germany.

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New EU research framework

Several EU supported research projects in organic food and farming has been finalized in 2007, but there is hope for new funding possibilities, as the European Parliament has adopted proposals for the "Seventh Research Framework Programme" (FP7).

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New Norwegian research

In Norway, research on organic food and farming is integrated in the general programmes in food and agriculture, and the Research Council of Norway (RCN) recently decided to fund four new OFF projects. The new projects are briefly presented.

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National German call

In August 2006 the German Federal Organic Farming Scheme BÖL published a national call for research and development projects in organic food and farming. See how it went

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