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The European Research Area

A major objective of the European Community is to contribute to the creation of a European Research Area. This is done by stimulating and supporting programme coordination and joint activities conducted at national or regional level, as well as among European organisations, and thus helping to develop the common knowledge base necessary for the coherent development of policies.

The activities may be in any scientific and technological area, including in the thematic priority areas.

In this connection, the objective of the ERA-NET scheme is to step up the cooperation and coordination of research activities carried out at national or regional level in the Member States and Associated States through:

  • The networking of research activities conducted at national or regional level
  • The mutual opening of national and regional research programmes

The scheme is intended to contribute to making a reality of the European Research Area by improving the coherence and coordination across Europe of such research programmes. The scheme will also enable national systems to take on tasks collectively that they would not have been able to tackle independently.

Both networking and mutual opening require a progressive approach. The ERA-NET scheme therefore has a long-term perspective that must also allow for the different way that research is organised in different Member States and Associated States.

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