No. 8 · November 2007

Kick off in Vienna

A two-day meeting in Vienna for CORE Pilot Projects

Continuation of the cooperation

Network in CORE Organic

Between credibility and national preferences

A CORE Organic report discuss scientific evaluation

Facilities and training

A new report discuss possibilities for imrpoved use of research facilities and topics

Around Europe

An overview of current topics

CORE Organic research

Eight trans-national research projects have recently been launched


Around Europe

News from around Europe


The coordinator of CORE Organic until 31.juli 2007, Erik Steen Kristensen, has accepted a position as head of the institute for Agroecology and Environment at Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Aarhus. Erik has also left his position as head of DARCOF.

Since 1 August, 2007 the full coordination of CORE Organic was taken over by Lizzie Melby Jespersen, who was already responsible for the administrative coordination of CORE Organic.

Senior Scientist Niels Halberg is now the new head of DARCOF. More at

Claus Bo Andreasen, who has been responsible for information activities at both DARCOF and CORE Organic, has also changed his position to the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at the University of Aarhus.

European Organic Congress on 4 - 5 December 2007

In cooperation with partner organisations, the IFOAM EU Group is organising a European Organic Congress on 4 - 5 December 2007 in Brussels.

The Congress aims to assess the current situation of EU organic production, and to identify the contribution of organic production to various EU political objectives. It also aims to define clear political recommendations that will enhance a dynamic development of organic food and farming sector for the years to come.

CORE Organic is represented at the congress with a poster plus a paper in the congress proceedings.

More about the congress

New reports on organic regulation

The EU project Organic Revision has issued two new reports. Three reports are dealing with organic seeds and propagation materials, and one report is discussing ethical values and principles of the organic agriculture movement.

Both reports can be found at