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Scientific evaluation of pilot call proposals

An independent, international expert panel evaluated the 36 eligible project proposals submitted to the CORE organic pilot call for transnational research. Following a meeting in Stockholm 19–20 February, the expert panel produced a list dividing the proposals into different groups according to scientific quality.

The expert panel consisted of nine experts, three for each of the three thematic areas within the call: Animal Health, Food Quality and Innovative Marketing Strategies.

The panel received the proposals in December 2006, and the experts evaluated and assessed all proposals within the thematic area individually. In February the panel met in Stockholm in order to discuss the scientific quality of the proposals according to the given evaluation criteria. Furthermore, the panel elaborated statements, corresponding to the evaluation criteria, and finally, the project proposals were be classified into different priority groups.

1. First group of priority
2. Second group of priority
3. Not prioritised (below threshold)

At the meeting one of the experts acted as a rapporteur for each proposal, who summarised the contents of the proposal and presented a preliminary statement as an introduction to the discussion. During the meeting the statements were displayed on a screen and on-line adjusted to mirror the conclusions of the expert panel discussion. In the end they were handed out to the rapporteurs for final corrections.

The expert panel found altogether 17 proposals that met the required scientific qualifications and could be recommended for funding. These projects were either in the first or the second priority group (3 projects were judged between group 1 and group 2).

The remaining 19 applications were below the required minimum threshold of 12 points for criteria B.

In order to provide adequate information, the call coordinator Sara Österman has on the 9th of March sent a letter to all main applicants. The letter is informing the applicants about the status of their particular proposal.

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Written by Karin Ullvén, CUL/SLU