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CORE Organic is the acronym for "Coordination of European Transnational Research in Organic Food and Farming Systems". As an ERA-NET action, it intends to increase cooperation between national research activities. CORE Organic Plus is the continuation of the ERA-Nets CORE Organic I and CORE Organic II. Compared to the previous CORE Organic ERA-Nets the Plus ERA-Net will benefit from an additional top-up funding by the European Commission.

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Core Organic meeting in Stockholm


On 1 October 2014 Core Organic invited leading scientists, stakeholders and funding bodies to the third seminar under the European research program CORE Organic.


Each project had to make a three minute presentation.

Below, you find all presentations.


Projects ending

AuthenticFood – looking for ways to discriminate between organic and conventional products.

Visit AuthenticFood's website

Presentation from AuthenticFood

BICOPOLL – using bees for disseminating biocontroll

Visit BICOPOLL's website

Presentation from BICOPOLL


Healthy Hens – understanding the health and welfare problems in organic egg production.

Visit Healthy Hens' website

Presentation from Healthy Hens


ICOPP – researching how to produce economically profitable feeding strategies with ingredients produced organically and sourced within Europe rather than relying on protein imports and feed supplements of non-organic origin.

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Presentation from ICOPP


InterVeg - aims at verifying that the introduction and proper management of living mulch in vegetable production systems allows comparable yields and produce quality in comparison to the sole cropping systems.

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Presentation from InterVeg

ProPIG – looking for ways to secure low environmental impacts and good animal health and welfare in organic pig production by comparing the three most common husbandry systems in EU (outdoor, partly outdoor and indoor).

Visit ProPIG's website

Presentation from ProPig

SafeOrganic – looking at differences in the levels of antibiotic resistant bacteria in organic and conventional pigs in four European countries.

Visit the SafeOrganic website

Presentation from SafeOrganic

Softpest Multitrap – looking to develop knowledge about how to manage populations of strawberry blossom weevil, European tarnished plant bug and the raspberry beetle in organic strawberry and raspberry using semiochemical traps.

Visit Softpest Multitrap's website

Presentation from Softpest Multitrap


TILMAN-ORG - goals are to design improved organic cropping systems with enhanced productivity and nutrient use efficiency, more efficient weed management and increased biodiversity, but lower carbon footprints.

Visit TILMAN-ORG's website

Presentation from TILMAN-ORG


Vineman.Org - aims at designing, developing, and testing innovative cropping systems for organic vineyards in Europe.

Visit Vineman.Org's website

Presentation from Vineman.Org

BIO-INCROP - searching new agro-management techniques for organic orchards.

Visit BIO-INCROP's website

Presentation from BIO-INCROP


Projects continuing

COBRA - the focus in on how different approaches to breeding in organic plant production can deliver resilience while coping with multiple stressors and thereby increasing the efficiency of breeding approaches and methods.

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Presentation from COBRA

Improve-P - assessment of the suitability of recycling phosphorus fertilizers for organic farming.

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Presentation from Improve-P

HealthyGrowth – trying to develop ways of combining volume and values of organic farming in order to support the further development of organic businesses, networks and initiatives.

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Presentation from HealthyGrowth



Other presentations from the meeting


Stephane Bellon's introduction

Presentation from EIP-AGRI

Presentation from TP-Organics


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