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Pilot call for transnational research
in organic food and farming

These pages describe the execution of the CORE Organic pilot call

The eleven partners in CORE Organic had issued a pilot call for transnational research programme in organic food and farming, which was opened from 4 September to 1 December 2006.

Thematic areas

The research areas described for the pilot call are the result of an investigation of potential topics for future research cooperation. The thematic areas chosen in the pilot call are:

  • Animal disease and parasite management, mainly focusing on preventive health and improving therapies to reduce reliance on antibiotics
  • Quality of organic food - health and safety
  • Innovative marketing strategies - identification of successful marketing methods, local markets


Research teams who were interested in participating could apply for funding within the budget set aside (table 1) by the respective national CORE Organic partner.

Table 1 National budgets for the pilot call

Country Funding per year, (€) Contact
Austria 330 000 BMLFUW
Denmark 600 000 DFFAB/DARCOF
Finland 100 000 MMM
France 300 000 MAP/INRA
Germany 330 000* BMELV /BLE
Italy 400 000 MiPAAF
The Netherlands 100 000** MinLNV
Norway 360 000 RCN
Sweden 200 000 Formas
Switzerland 100 000 FOAG
United Kingdom 100 000 Defra

*Confirmed funding for the years 2007-2009. (Please note that the amount can be increased, depending on the proposals). Continued funding for 2010 is decided at the end of 2006. **Confirmed funding for one year, decision for later years in 2007.

Further information and inquiries

In order to provide a swift answer to common questions we have established a page with "Frequently asked questions".

If you have further questions regarding the call, please contact your national funding body or the call coordinator: Senior Research Officer Sara Österman, phone: +46-8-775 40 21, email:

Call text and guidelines

The call, guidelines and application forms can be found via the following links:

CORE Organic pilot call
An overall introduction to the call, including description of topics, funding, application and evaluation procedures, together with a list of national contact persons can be found at the Pilot call for proposals (PDF).

Guidelines for application
Detailed information on the application procedure can be found at the Guidelines for application (PDF)

Application forms
The Swedish Research Council (Formas) is administrating applications for the call. The application form is available at Formas' electronic registration system Formas Direct

How to fill in the application forms
As the application form has been designed dominantly for Swedish purposes, additional guidelines (PDF) have been prepared.

If you are looking for research partners

In order to make it possible to get in contact with other researchers we have made a forum where it is possible to upload information on research interest, contact details, etc. The forum is available at OrganicForum.

Potential resources

Under the auspice of the CORE Organic project a comprehensive mapping of the research systems in partner countries has been carried out. The mapped information provides a foundation for further collaboration between research communities, and it is available via the resources below.

Organic Eprints
The international open access archive for papers related to research in organic agriculture has been extended to include information on research projects in partner countries.

CORE Portal
A newly established web portal provides overviews of the structure and the content of research in the individual CORE Organic partner countries. The portal can be found at

Country reports
The content of the web portal is drawn from country reports prepared by the individual countries. The reports are available via Organic Eprints. An extensive summary of the country reports has been published by BLE.

Press release

In connection with the call, a press release was put out.


CORE Organic news No. 6 provides an overview of the number of proposals and the process to be carried out in order to evaluate and select projects.

CORE Organic news No. 7 inform on the evaluation of proposals and the selection of projects.

CORE Organic news No. 8 inform on the initiated projects.

Coordination of European Transnational Research in Organic Food and Farming