No. 8 · November 2007

Continuation of the cooperation

The partners in CORE Organic will form a network in order to continue the cooperation and to monitor the progress of the CORE pilot projects

On 13 September 2007 a Kick-off meeting was held to mark the launch of the eight trans-national research projects funded by the CORE ORGANIC partners. In total 74 persons from 17 different European countries participated in this Kick-off meeting. The majority of the participants came from the CORE ORGANIC partners and the CORE Pilot Projects.

The meeting also served as platform for discussing practical experiences (“lessons learned”) from overcoming barriers in trans-national research cooperation with members of the European Commission (DG Research and DG Agriculture), coordinators and participants of other ERA-NETs (e.g. BIODIVERSA, CRUE, ERA-ARD, ERASysBIO, EuroTransBio and SEE-ERA-NET), representatives from new member states (EE, HU, PL, SK), other interested stakeholders from the organic food and farming community (agricultural scientists, funding bodies, public authorities and food retailer organisations) and participants of the CORE Organic pilot projects.

See presentations from the Vienna kick-off meeting at