No. 7 · March 2007

Selection of eight projects to be funded
within the CORE Organic Pilot Call

Based on the prioritized list of pilot call proposals prepared by the scientific expert panel, the CORE Organic Governing Board selected eight projects for further negotiations

The main purpose of a meeting 1–2 March in the CORE Organic Governing Board was to select the most relevant project proposals that are possible to be financed from the budgets allocated by the CORE Organic funding bodies to the three main topics of this call.

After the scientific evaluation carried out by the expert panel, the Governing Board had a list of 17 project proposals all recommended for funding. The 17 projects had a funding requirement of app. 18,5 million €, while the allocated budget amounts to app. 8,9 million € only.

The task for the Governing Board was thus to narrow down the list to a package covering all topics, matching the allocated funding and involving as many relevant partners as possible. In order to do this all countries were asked to send their national project ranking to the CORE Organic coordinator prior to the Governing Board meeting.

Considering the results of the expert evaluation in combination with the national priorities given, a first suggestion for a CORE Organic package including possible funding models was suggested at the Governing Board meeting. Following a vivid discussion, the Governing Board agreed on eight project proposals, which were selected for further negotiations.

National negotiations

Since each participating country will finance their national participants, the final decision on funding will be taken by the national funding organisations. Each national funding body will therefore negotiate with their national researchers participating in these eight projects recommended for funding in order to determine the participation. These negotiations are presently carried out.

Project start

The CORE Organic projects are expected to start commonly on the 15th of June 2007. At this time, information on the projects funded within the CORE Organic Pilot Call will be published on the CORE Organic website.

A kick-off meeting with the participation of the new project leaders together with the CORE Organic Management Board and the CORE Organic Governing Board is expected to take place on September 13 – 14 in Vienna.

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Written by Claus Bo Andreasen, DARCOF