No. 2 · February 2006

Mapping of research programmes, projects and facilities

The objective of the German work package within CORE Organic is to establish a common European project database based on an enlarged structure of the existing web-archive Organic Eprints. This new structure now allows the input of data about research programmes, projects and facilities within organic farming. The main goal is to make this information available for researchers and other interested stakeholders Europe-wide and beyond.

So far stakeholders from the 11 CORE partner countries have entered 461 project entries and 73 research facilities into the databank Organic Eprints. However, the archive is not reserved for CORE Organic partners – you are also welcome to make your information international available by placing it into

Preliminary mapping results

Financial data on the program level of the 11 partner countries showed that in 2005 more than 40 Million Euro where spent for research in organic food and farming. Considering the research share according to main subject categories all partner countries have a strong research focus in the field of crop husbandry.

In the coming issue of CORE Organic news and on the organic congress in Odense results analyses of the mapping activities will be presented.

Mapping activities in CORE Organic

Research programmes
Details on current and former (at least from 2000) national research programmes in organic food and farming.

Project Information
All current projects related to organic food farming, starting from 2004. Older projects of importance might also be entered

All research institutions with organic farming research activities.

Research Facilities
Major special facilities of particular importance for organic farming research. The facilities should be at least potentially open for use in an international context.

All important publications related to organic farming research since 2004.