No. 2 · February 2006

CORE Mapping

Mapping of research programmes, projects and facilities

So far the 11 CORE partner countries have entered 445 project entries and 56 research facilities into the databank Organic Eprints.

Financial data on the program level of the 11 partner countries showed that in 2005 more than 40 Million Euro where spent for research in organic food and farming. More

Organic Eprints

Success with transnational cooperation on open access

Under the auspices of CORE Organic national editors for Organic Eprints have been appointed, meaning that researchers and research users in the 11 CORE Organic partner countries has national contact persons for the archive.

The new collaboration might be one of the reasons for the escalating number of visits to the archive. More

Notes & Correspondences

On current events and activities

- European conference on ERA-NET
- New principles for organic farming
- Proposal for EU regulation on organic farming
- European conference on research communication
- News from ISOFAR
- Information Systems for Organic Markets
- Regulation of organicinputs

Joint European Organic Congress

In May 2006, researchers representing the whole spectrum of both national and European research in organic food and farming will present their work at the joint European congress in Odense Denmark. Researchers from no less than 16 European research projects will participate.

By mediation and discussions the aim is to support the development of organic food and farming both as a livelihood for producers, processors and retailers, but also as an instrument for improving environment, animal welfare and food quality at a European level. More

Around Europe

Each issue of CORE Organic news will bring an overview of current topics in the individual countries regarding research in organic food and farming. Among others the topics in this issue are:

Austria: Seeds for organic farming
Denmark: An organic logo for every one
Finland: The last organic research station will close

New research programme in organic farming

Germany: Ethical management, mediations of research results, approval of holistic methods and the first professorship for biodynamic agriculture
Norway: New research programmes in food and agricultural research and increased government support to organic farming
Sweden: Evaluation and ongoing work with a new framework programme

CORE Organic workshop on how to increase transnational cooperation in OFF research

In connection with the organic congress a public CORE Organic workshop is to be held.

The purpose of the workshop is to identify important transnational research topics, form ways for collaboration and coordination and to find ways for improved transnational use of research facilities. More

Improving communication
in organic research

Effective science communication between the organic research world and stakeholders is essential to secure awareness and development of the solutions that organic food and farming can offer to a number of difficulties experienced in society.

A research project on “Internet Communication and Organic Research Network” will investigate new possibilities of Internet communication. More