CORE Organic pilot research projects

The eight joint research projects, which were selected for transnational funding by means of a virtual common pot approach, started in July 2007.

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CORE Organic
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PathOrganic iPOPY

How to assure safety, health and sensory qualities of organic products

Project title: Quality analysis of critical control points within the whole food chain and their impact on food quality, safety and health (QACCP)

Project objective

The overall objective of the QACCP project has been to optimise organic production and processing in order to improve food quality and increase health promoting aspects in consumer products. The approach was a chain analysis approach which addressed the link between farm and fork and backwards from fork to farm.

The objectives were to test food authenticity on farm level and food quality and health in processing. The carrot was chosen as the model vegetable since it is common for the involved partners from industry and is processed for baby food; hence the results are relevant for other vegetables and organic food in general as well.

Selected main outcomes of QACCP

Quality Analysis Critical Control Points applied in industry

The QACCP research shows that based on the method Quality Analysis Critical Control Points (QACCP) quality factors for the improvement were determined and the product could be improved.

The methodology of QACCP could be implemented in the industry in the next step and an analyse matrix for the industry to evaluate sensory quality, food safety and health could be worked out.

Identifying critical steps along the organic production chain of carrot baby food

This figure illustrates the critical steps where quality could be changed during production of a baby food puree made from organic carrots.

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Project ressources

Project publications in Organic Eprints

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Leaflet about the QACCP project

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QACCP final report

Get the QACCP final report (November 2011, 65 pages, pdf)

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