CORE Organic pilot research projects

The eight joint research projects, which were selected for transnational funding by means of a virtual common pot approach, started in July 2007.

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CORE Organic
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PathOrganic iPOPY

Farmer Consumer Partnership (FCP):

How to communicate ethical values?

Project objective

The CORE Organic research project, Farmer Consumer Partnership (FCP), has aimed at determining how the commitment of organic farmers to ethical values additional to the standards of organic farming can be communicated effectively to customers in order to strengthed the market positioning.

The overall objective has been to analyse and test innovative communication strategies and arguments that are related to the concept of "Corporate Social Responsibility", CSR in short.

Selected main outccomes of FC

Promising marketing potential of organic food's ethical aspects

The communication of additional ethical attributes of organic food offers a promising potential for product differentiation in the organic market.

Organic farmers go beyond the organic regulation minimum requirements

Many producers practise organic farming in ways that go far beyond the minimum requirements of the EU regulation on organic farming. the producers in the FCP study have successfully incorporated a broad range of values and sustainable goals.

A convincing communication strategy is worthwhile developing

The communication of additional ethical attributes like "regional/local production", "animal welfare", and "fair prices for farmers", remains a major challenge. However, examples of successful communication of additional animal welfare standards identified in the FCP project show that developing convincing communication strategies is worthwhile.

Project ressources

FCP final report

Get the FCP Final Report (June 2011, 29 pages, pdf)

"Successful communication of additional
‘ethical’ attributes of organic food

Articles in ICROFS news 2010, no. 4

"A noticeable share of consumers is willing to pay higher prices for organic food which is produced in accordance with higher ‘ethical’
standards – given that the specific qualities of the food are properly communicated."
[Excerpt from the article introduction]

"Communicating the values of organic food"

FCP handbook, 2010

This booklet provides farmers and processors with practical advice and case studies on how to target their marketing strategies to the growing number of ‘ethical consumers’, and how to improve their communication with their customers.

Project publications in Organic Eprints

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Leaflet about the FCP project

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Project website

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Midterm report 2009

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